Saturday, May 9, 2009


Most people are collectors. Some concentrate on one area of interest, but many have several collections. Their collections can range from Peek Frean commemorative tins, or buttons, to collecting a fleet of ships. Collectors often begin at an early age by collecting dolls, toy trucks, rocks, or video games. Collecting is like gathering and seems to be instinctual. It is passionate, sentimental and nostalgic. People love collecting because they are passionate about the objects for their personal, aesthetic, historical or the monetary value. Sometimes the collections have all four of these attributes.

Collections tell much about someone’s style, personality, and interests. Displaying collections makes a room unique and brings it to life. It is aesthetically pleasing to display collections all grouped in one cabinet or together on a table. An example is to have a collection of sterling silver napkin rings displayed together on a tray to sparkle up a room.

I began my love for delicate porcelain by enjoying the beautiful patterns of my mother’s collection of mismatched English bone china tea cups. As I grew up and began to drink tea with lemon from these cups, I realized that tea and coffee taste much better from a translucent china cup.

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  1. I love toile fabrics so I think that's why I have an affinity for transferware. I started a collection of Mason's Vista Red a couple of years ago. My husband is even in on the act. I have been given several beautiful serving pieces as gifts. I live in the Southern US, and it seems that most of this pattern, when I find it, graced the tables of households in other parts - mainly north. It has been a fun adventure but I really have to stop, two cupboards full is enough!


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