Sunday, April 26, 2009

Top Ten China Patterns

There are lists of the top ten patterns now selling well at prestigious china shops, and there are lists of the top ten china patterns currently being promoted, but the top ten china patterns that are meeting the overall test of time are Imari, Old Country Roses, Napoleon Ivy, Feuille de Choux, Haddon Hall, Spode Blue Italian, Angoulême Sprig, Onion Pattern, Willow Pattern, and Flora Danica. These designs are classic in the true sense, and are appreciated now for their aesthetic value as they were many years ago. Most of the designs are still being produced today.

Old Country Roses designed by Harold Holdcroft stands out in the top ten list as very new, having only originated in 1962. Made in England by Royal Albert China, Old Country Roses is the epitome of the English floral style and is reminiscent of an English garden.

Reference: Tim Forrest, Paul Atterbury/Little, Brown and Company, The Bulfinch Anatomy of Antique China & Silver (London, Bulfinch Press, Marshall Editions 1998)

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