Monday, May 25, 2009

Living with a Dutch Marquetry Games Table, ca. 1840

It is a pleasure living with antiques that are aesthetically pleasing and add warmth to the house. I especially like occasional tables, such as end tables, tea tables, and games tables. Being practical of nature, I appreciate the different aspects small tables can add to a room. A tilt-top tea table, for example, decorates a corner, but can instantly come into use as a side table when guests arrive.

Being an avid card player, my very favourite table is a games table. Because our ancestors liked entertaining their guests with games after dinner, there are games tables of different eras that can still be found.

I own a Dutch marquetry games table that I have not listed as yet because I find it very hard letting go. It is from 1840 and has obviously been treated lovingly all these years. The person who sold it made me promise to sell it only to a home that would use it, because it was used all these years and never stored away. The table is straight, opens up to a round table at which four can play comfortably, and is solid. It is also breathtakingly beautiful and elegant.

I usually have it folded up as a demi-lune table against the wall with an understated lamp placed on it in the middle. My napkin ring collection is also displayed on it although with some reluctance on my part not wanting to hide the marquetry decoration. Nevertheless, I can whisk these off quickly when we are entertaining eager card or chess players.


  1. Oh, I would have a hard time letting this go, too! It is so lovely and I can appreciate the marquetry process. Have watched it being done in modern factory so can only imagine the loving hands, who created this fine result. I hope you cherish it a little longer! :)

  2. Wow!
    What an exquisite piece!

  3. Yes, it's such a pleasure that these pieces have been treasured and looked after all these years.


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