Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner


The mannequin all dressed up is looking at the traffic from the window of Ritché's on Avenue Road, a bridal dress shop in Toronto.

As soon as my son announced his engagement on New Year’s Eve, the wedding plans took on their own life. Following tradition, my husband and I decided to host the rehearsal dinner in honour of the bride and groom. Because the wedding is taking place on Canada’s east coast, I needed to book a venue I have never seen, in a province I’ve never visited. I am reluctant to ask my son’s future in-laws for help because they have a whole wedding to plan.

I am quickly coming to terms that some services we take for granted in a large city, just aren’t as easy to obtain in a smaller city. I might need to live with the colours of the tablecloths that are already there, and since they don’t provide floral services, I will have to find a florist at a long distance. On the other hand, the menu sounds wonderful. It is refreshing to see the menu offerings with “real food” choices. It’s not comfort food but food that is elegant and at the same time not too precious. We will also have the option to give our guests five main course choices including some local food options. The appetizers and desserts are also just right. The menu has not yet been finalized, and I welcome any menu suggestions.

From what I have heard the venue has a wonderful view. Although it is close to the city, apparently people sometimes see moose crossing the green. I hope we do see a moose or two; even one would be a treat.

Choosing just the right invitations was an event in itself as my husband and I leafed through all the beautiful choices in a large Crane catalogue. I chose these because they are not too formal and are not wedding invitations, and because the colours co-ordinate well with the tablecloths on the tables.


We will have white and yellow daisies with low candles on the tables. To go with the yellow theme, I think I will wear yellow. Do you think my daughter, the groom's sister, will too? I must ask.


The wedding isn't here, but if you're getting married in Toronto, Grace Church-on-the-Hill seems just right.


  1. I had to do my sons' rehearsal dinner long distance also. I asked him and his fiance to go to a few restaurants in the areas on us to "test" the food, etc. The one they picked was great! I called a local florist who happened to be familiar with the restaurant and told them what I wanted and it was all there when I got there. Good luck. Sharon

  2. Thank you, Sharon. I will be calling a florist in the area. I am taking the food on "faith" because it is at a golf club in the area. Golf clubs usually have good food. They have also taken great pains to put a great menu together.

  3. It sounds lovely! I always tell folks that it's more relaxing to be the MOG, (mother of the groom),than the MOB. Still there are details to handle. I've planned one long-distance dinner and it does present some challenges.

    Yesterday we had our tasting for our second son's rehearsal dinner. It will be at the restaurant where he proposed to his lovely fiance; it's a special place in their hearts.

    Enjoy the planning!


  4. I love how thoughtfully you are planning your son's and future daughter-in-law's rehearsal dinner. I think it would be lovely to share the color scheme with the bride and her bridesmaid.

  5. I will be wearing red!


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