Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wall Sconces and Candles

Candlesticks or candle holders have been with us for centuries. Long ago, we used them as a practical way to light our rooms at night. As we progressed and developed oil lamps, gas lamps, and electricity, all of which radiate light in a better and more efficient way, we cannot forget the charm and allure of the dimmer glow of candlelight.

Out of a sense of sentimentality or history, we use candles today to set the right mood for romance, good conversation, and social gatherings. I can’t seem to resist buying candlesticks when I see them, especially when they are of a pleasing design. I especially like those made of china, silver, or glass.

An array of recent purchases is shown above, including sterling silver, Dresden, and Coalport candlesticks, Dresden vases, a Georgian decanter, a Scandinavian crystal decanter, all waiting to be sold and brighten their new homes.

Sconces commonly known as wall sconces are bracket candlesticks attached to a wall. Most are now electrified, but it is still possible to find those that hold candles. Sconces are perfect as architectural elements and can be hung singly as accents helping to create a focal point for one, or an arrangement of framed pictures. Matching wall sconces on either side, can give importance to a mirror, a picture, a fireplace, or a door. Several matching wall sconces hung at regular intervals around a room set a special tone of formality to a principal room. Interior designers can find countless ways of decorating walls using these accessories. The gilt Florentine wall sconce shown immediately above is one of a pair, and is a full twenty-two inches long holding 12-inch candles.

This restrained Colonial style solid brass wall sconce is one of a pair flanking a fireplace wall. It is wired with electricity and gives off a dim light controlled by a dimmer switch.

On the right is a wired solid brass wall sconce in an ornate swirled two-toned pattern. This is also one of a pair, and comes with small white lampshades.

Candlesticks and sconces give a timeless, hospitable atmosphere to a room adding architectural details and sparkle.


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