Friday, June 18, 2010

Norbridge Tableware Collectors' Circle

Limoges,antique china,Norbridge Tableware Collectors' Circle

I would like to invite all who share a passion for tableware to join my newly launched Norbridge Tableware Collectors' Circle. Your exclusive VIP membership card entitles you to the following privileges:
  • Your VIP Special Savings of 10% on any single item at Norbridge Antiques
  • “Turn Over The Plate” giving you express permission to check the tableware hallmarks on china and flatware wherever you go
  • Weekly electronic newsletters featuring Norbridge Antiques special guides to using your antique and vintage tableware; the art of mixing and matching for maximum elegance; how to recognize hallmarks so you know when to buy; the history of porcelain manufacturing and so much more
  • Exclusive previews of the latest pieces acquired for purchase in the Norbridge Antiques store, BEFORE they are listed 

    You can join by clicking the button on my website homepage, Norbridge Antiques.



  1. Swooning... seriously swooning over that footed plate!!!!

  2. Antiques Diva, It's a Limoges and in excellent condition. It has now been sold.
    Kind regards,


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