Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Visit to Worth Avenue

Palm Beach is a jewel in Florida with its grand hotels, and houses, many of them having a distinctive Spanish Mediterranean look. Its gardens are formal and have been kept groomed and well-manicured for decades with flowering vines and layers of hedging. The town has an overall feeling of elegance that harkens back to the early decades of the twentieth century. It seems a little as if time is standing still.


Everything about Palm Beach is special. It’s best to park the car and walk around to take in the atmosphere and enjoy just being there. Just exploring Worth Avenue stretching east from Cocoanut Row to the Atlantic Ocean will take the better part of the day even if you are not on a serious shopping trip with lots of ready cash.

At first flush, impressive in itself, Worth Avenue is full of high-end designer brand shops such as Nieman Marcus, Saks, Tiffany, Kaufmann de Suisse, Valentino, Christofle, St. John, Stubbs & Wootton, etc. But it is even more than that. There are also beautiful antique shops, shops selling art, shops with unusual gifts, and jewellery shops, all carrying the best of quality. It is known as the top shopping area in the world. Worth Avenue is truly an experience you will not want to miss. Along the street are many little laneways known as vias that take you into charming courtyards with small gardens surrounded by more shops.


If you go, you will notice that most of the people look as if they have self-consciously taken great care to wear something appropriate to the experience of walking along Worth Avenue. It might be to pay homage to the history of the street, or to make sure they are as well dressed as the friends they might meet. They are probably wearing what will be in fashion in New York later in the summer.

Lunch at the famous Taboo on Worth Avenue is one of the things to do. You might try their crab stack with a Caesar salad. While you’re having lunch, fashion models will stroll by your table wearing choice clothing, jewellery, and handbags to tempt you to the stores nearby.

You'll enjoy visiting Select Fine Art specializing in 19th and 20th Century European and American Paintings and fine quality antiques. When I was there, I saw lovely sterling silver picture frames and other exquisite sterling silver objects. Currently, there are also several beautiful tables with inlaid wood, one having a beautiful marquetry surface.


You might also enjoy visiting the Daniella Ortiz shop in the Gucci Courtyard behind Gucci and across from Tiffany and Chanel. Daniella Ortiz is a young talented designer who has launched her own line of handbags and jewellery, all designed and handcrafted in Argentina. Daniella Ortiz’s handbags and jewellery have great style and elegance. I especially like her reds and blues.


The Gucci courtyard.


A stunning display of Baccarat crystal in Mary Mahoney's window.


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  1. Lovely area and the shopping looks amazing!. Thank you for sharing Palm Beach. I have been to FL but not Palm Beach, so now if I ever have the chance to visit again I will have to check this area out.
    Take care, Elizabeth


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